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What is a hot air technology coffee roaster?

A hot air coffee roaster is widely used in the market. And is one of the coffee roasting machines with modern technology, ensuring a better quality of coffee beans after roasting, providing quality and perfect cups of coffee.

1. What is hot air roasting technology?

Hot air is a technology that uses hot air to ripen coffee beans. This is a modern technology that is different from classic roasting technology, using heat from the flame directly acting on the roasting pan or wine drum. The use of a roaster that integrates hot air with hot air technology will meet the most important goal of keeping the temperature inside the roasting drum stable, being able to increase or decrease the temperature exactly as desired by the manufacturer, helps the coffee beans ripen from the inside out and have the correct roast color and taste.

What is a hot air technology coffee roaster?

2. Advantages of hot air coffee roaster

A brief overview of the concept of the Hot air roaster also shows that the product brings a lot of benefits to consumers. These include such as:

- Quality assurance in each coffee bean

A hot air coffee roaster works by using gas fuel to heat the roasting cage, that hot air will ripen the coffee beans in the cage without having to roast directly on the fire pan.

Thereby ensuring the quality of each coffee bean. Minimize burning. Each coffee bean retains its flavor and uniform quality after roasting.

- Solve the problem of roasting machine blockage

With conventional coffee roasters, after roasting, the silk skin of the coffee beans will be left in the roasting cage, causing a blockage of the machine. If you do not clean and check the machine regularly before making another batch, it is easy to cause damage, even fire. But with the Hot air roaster, you don't have to worry about this anymore. Because the exhaust fan system will blow away the silk skin after the roasting process is complete. The smoke that appears during the roasting process is also pushed out so that the coffee does not become smoky.

- Fast cooling system for coffee beans

It is very important to cool the beans after the roasting process is complete. It prevents the coffee from continuing to ripen after stopping roasting, affecting the quality, aroma, and taste of the coffee. Safe for users' health and environmentally friendly. Compared with traditional coffee roasters, Hot air coffee roasters save quite a bit of fuel, thereby helping business people save costs as well as friendly people. environmentally friendly. The roasting process is not burned, maximum control of CO2, and NO2,... after roasting, so it does not pollute the environment. Coffee beans after roasting ensure absolute quality, and consumers will enjoy strong, delicious, and safe coffee cups.

3. How many types of hot air coffee roasters are there?

From the use of hot air technology, a series of coffee roasters were born to meet the needs of many objects with different purposes. This type of roasting machine is chosen by customers with a lot of interest because this is the most advanced roasting technology today, along with a beautiful, modern design that is suitable, fuel-efficient, and friendly. with the environment.

Talking about the types of hot air coffee roasters, are usually divided according to the machine capacity achieved. With a moderate space like coffee shops, it is possible to equip machines with a capacity of 3kg, or 5kg for use and display at the shop. The beautiful design and easy use will make not only the owner but also many customers who come to the shop feel excited.

Hot air coffee roaster also has 30kg, 60kg, and 120kg industrial roasters, etc. to serve factories with great demand. With this technology, coffee in every roasting batch is evenly cooked while saving maximum time and fuel, being safe and environmentally friendly.

What is a hot air technology coffee roaster?

4. What should be noted when buying a hot air coffee roaster?

A particularly important point when buying a coffee roaster is the safety of fire prevention. Many people, because they do not learn carefully, or are subjective, should choose unsafe machines, roasted coffee is not only not guaranteed in terms of quality but also has a potential risk of fire and explosion.

So when choosing to buy a coffee roaster, it is necessary to learn carefully about the manufacturer, choose a reputable coffee roaster brand with technical parameters, and automatic shutdown mode of electricity when there is no element. safety,... to avoid risks in the highest way.

5. Where should I buy a hot air coffee roaster for a good price?

If you have a need for a coffee roaster using hot air technology. You want to buy a quality hot air coffee roaster at a price that suits your current needs. Please refer to Vinaroaster's coffee roaster.

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