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Vina Roaster - A pioneer in the field of coffee roasting machines in Vietnam

You can use dozens of techniques and hundreds of different recipes to make coffee. But before you can do anything with this ingredient, you need to roast it. Therefore, parallel with the development history of the coffee industry is always the development history of coffee roasting technology. On the world coffee map, VINA ROASTER is a representative of Vietnam, a pioneer in the field of providing quality coffee roasting machines.


Vina Roaster

Brand Positioning

Vina Roaster is always proud to be the leading supplier of quality coffee roasting machines in Vietnam, our products are covered from North to South, present everywhere in the country and other countries in the world Thailand. , Cambodia, Korea,….

QUOC THIEN COFFEE MANUFACTURING TRADING CO., LTD (VINA ROASTER) since its presence in the market, has always been one of the leading suppliers of quality coffee roasters in the market. Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world. So it is not difficult to understand that the field of manufacturing and producing coffee roasters in Vietnam is a potential field but also fierce competition.

In the midst of a market full of competition, VINA ROASTER aims and also eloquently proves its own business point of view: “A strong brand is not necessarily a long-standing brand, a strong brand is a brand name. brand brings a lot of value in terms of quality to the market”.

After just over 4 years of being on the market, VINA ROASTER has become a supplier of coffee roasters trusted by many domestic and foreign customers. The potential of VINA ROASTER is encapsulated in two concepts: HUMAN RESOURCES and MATERIALS. This is the foundation for VINA ROASTER to bring high quality products to meet the increasingly strict requirements of customers.

In terms of human resources, VINA ROASTER has gathered a team of skilled engineers. The leadership team is enthusiastic, passionate and always strives to find new values ​​for the organization.

In terms of physical resources, VINA ROASTER owns the most modern equipment and production technology for coffee roasting machines..


Vina Roaster

Diversified products

Vina Roaster's coffee roasting machine is diverse, meeting the diverse needs of the market, from coffee shops to large-scale production facilities, from domestic to foreign.

With the motto of constantly improving, fully meeting all the needs of the market, Vina Roaster is providing a variety of coffee roasting machines such as: Small coffee roasters for shops; advanced HOT AIR technology coffee roaster for coffee production facilities and companies.

Hot Air coffee roasters are usually classified by capacity. Machines with a capacity of 3kg or 5kg are suitable for medium-sized coffee shops; want to display the machine in the shop space. Ease of use and sophisticated design; pleasing to the user; The space is more professional and the customers are more impressive.

Industrial-scale Hot Air coffee roasters with capacities of 30kg, 60kg, 120kg, etc., meet the needs of large processing factories. High-tech roasting batches ensure even coffee ripening; quick roasting time; Safe for users and environmentally friendly.

Thousands of coffee roasting machine products with various capacities have been supplied by Vina Roaster to domestic and foreign markets. This is the company's effort to contribute to building a real coffee market; Clean coffee and delicious coffee serve users.


Vina Roaster

Advantage of difference

Vina Roaster affirms its advantage by the difference in orientation, upholding quality based on innovation and creativity, Vina Roaster creates its advantage.

Although it does not have the same seniority as many other suppliers, Vina Roaster still becomes the choice of the majority of customers. The advantage of the Vina Roaster brand is built on the difference.

You can find on the market a high-priced imported coffee roaster; or a low-priced processed product. But we do provide high quality products; not inferior to imported products with very "Vietnamese" prices. This is why the Vina Roaster coffee roaster has become a great solution for businesses, organizations and individuals in the coffee industry.

Most other manufacturers stand on the machine builder's point of view to produce coffee roasters. But Vina Roaster's team of skilled engineers not only understands what a perfect coffee roaster is. They stand on the side of professionals, so they understand all the difficulties when operating the machine; The desire for a coffee roaster product that meets all the criteria of delicious - nutritious - cheap.

Therefore, Vina Roaster engineers have improved the technology; use the most suitable materials; optimized design to every small detail to create perfect machine systems; ensure the best quality roasted coffee.

If you ever learn about coffee roasting machine suppliers, you may have wondered because there is a good price selling address but the product support and warranty policy is not guaranteed. There are other addresses that have good customer support but the product prices are high. The difference of Vina Roaster is that it never disappoints customers by both its conscientious service attitude and its after-sale warranty policy.

During the process of operating and exploiting the machine, Vina Roaster is ready to support you whenever there is a problem in business. We can advise you on the best business solutions with efficient coffee roasting techniques. At the same time, we also support installation, warranty and maintenance at the place when customers need it.


Vina Roaster

Trusted Expert

The Vina Roaster coffee roaster is appreciated by both coffee professionals and coffee users all over the world.

User reviews are always the truest assessment of the quality of Vina Roaster brand coffee roasters. All of our products when offered to the market are highly appreciated by both professionals and users.

Technically, Vina Roaster coffee roaster experts can roast many different types of coffee; ensure the evenness of the beans when roasting; limit the risk of fire and explosion; minimize the breakage of coffee beans when cooling; Quick cooling helps even coffee after roasting to retain its full flavor; eliminate jamming or loss of coffee beans when roasting; can wipe out the coffee when it comes out.

In terms of quality, users rate the Vina Roaster coffee roasting machine to produce finished roasted coffee without smoke; prevent scorching to create perfect coffee taste and taste; have uniform quality roasted coffee products.

Can quickly point out the outstanding advantages of Vina Roaster coffee roaster compared to other models on the market such as:

- Luxurious design; neat and moderate size. The machine overview is harmonious and eye-catching. Related details are logically designed together; for easy operation.

- Easy to use, optimal user convenience: The smart control panel is simply designed with keys and buttons in Vietnamese. Important function keys and buttons are all equipped with indicator lights for easy viewing from a distance.

- Ability to operate durable, limit loud noise when working: All components and machine details are guaranteed of the best quality. Each machine part reaches absolute harmony, so the system operates smoothly even when working continuously for a long time.

- Maximum fuel saving: Saving fuel helps the unit using Vina Roaster coffee roaster to save operating costs; increase profits.

Our team of founders and engineers are constantly learning; applying the latest and most modern technical technologies to improve product quality day by day. Vina Roaster wants its roaster product to bring a different value to the finished roasted coffee beans.


Vina Roaster


When using the Vina Roaster coffee roaster

The most important thing that makes domestic and foreign customers "loyal" to the Vina Roaster coffee roaster brand is the practical benefits they receive when using the product. Detail:

- Saving initial investment costs: With imported quality but "Vietnamese" price, Vina Roaster coffee roaster helps businesses; Individuals or users do not have to spend too much capital but can still own a professional coffee roasting system; effective; enduring

- Saving equipment operating costs: No loss of raw materials; salvage finished products; energy saving; Shortening the roasting time for each batch of coffee helps businesses save a variety of costs during the operation and exploitation of equipment.

- Improve labor efficiency: Vina Roaster coffee roaster with large capacity; can operate continuously without changing the quality of the finished roasted coffee; does not affect the machine's performance. Therefore, the user unit can improve labor efficiency without needing a lot of manpower.

- Improve business efficiency: The above advantages help any business when using a Vina Roaster coffee roaster can improve business efficiency.

- Building a sustainable reputation in the market: With the perfect quality of roasted coffee, Vina Roaster products will accompany users to build a sustainable brand and reputation in the market. school.

With the application of the latest technology, Vina Roaster has launched a series of coffee roasters to meet the needs of many different objects and purposes. Vina Roaster's coffee roaster stands out with preeminent features such as: beautiful design; the most advanced roasting technology; energy saving; environmentally friendly; ensuring absolute safety for users… has conquered even the most demanding and experienced customers.


Vina Roaster

Business Opportunities

There are a series of units with different large and small business sizes that have become loyal customers of Vina Roaster such as: Thanh Huong Coffee Company, Bunreng Coffee Company, Minudo Farm-Care company, the system Moka Coffee, Thuy Nguyen Coffee Company, Hoang Tam Thuc Coffee Company; Danh Trang coffee company, Keanty Coffe coffee company…

When owning a Vina Roaster coffee roaster, a customer is not just an ordinary coffee roaster. We also give you an edge and a business opportunity to compete with other competitors in the market. And we also believe, the list of individuals; The business that Vina Roaster is accompanied throughout the country and abroad will continue to last forever.

With passion and desire to contribute a part in building a clean coffee market; real coffee; world-class coffee, Vina Roaster will constantly improve the use value of coffee roasting products associated with its name. We are always ready to accompany our customers on the way to conquer the potential and fiercely competitive coffee market.


Why choose us

The most advanced technology

Vina Roaster always updates the most advanced technology for its roasting machine, typically Hot Air technology for the cleanest and most delicious coffee beans.

The most competitive price

Genuine coffee roaster, durable quality but extremely supportive cost. Competitive prices for customers using high quality product.

Warranty and maintenance anywhere

Vina Roaster installs roasting machines in all parts of the world. Guaranteed long-term, enthusiastic and fast maintenance wherever you are.

Advice on coffee roasting solutions

Support for effective roasting techniques and coffee secrets, helping customers use Vina Roaster coffee roasting machine to do the best business.