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Learn about electric coffee roaster

Electric coffee roasters are increasingly becoming the focus of attention by people who want to use roasters in their production business. If you are having trouble choosing a coffee roaster then this article is for you.

1. Factors affecting the electric coffee roaster

Today, people prefer to drink coffee that is roasted on the spot because they do not believe in pre-ground coffee packages with attractive advertisements. On the market is full of coffee roasters of all types and prices, but most of the owners do not have the technique and experience to make the right choice.

It is for that reason that more and more coffee shops are roasting on-site. People finished roasting, grinding, and then mixing into drinks that customers choose, which has increased the customer experience and attracted a large number of coffee lovers.

2. What is an electric coffee roaster?

An electric coffee roaster is a device designed to roast coffee beans to varying degrees, depending on the batch standard. This coffee roaster uses electricity to operate.

Electric coffee roaster: uses resistors to heat and roast coffee. This coffee roaster is more economical than using gas.

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric coffee roasters?


- Easy to use.

- Can be used anywhere.

- Low risk of fire and explosion.


- It is difficult to adjust the heat, so it is not suitable for intensive roasting

- High maintenance cost because of easy-to-break resistance.

Learn about electric coffee roaster

4. Structure of electric coffee roaster

- Coffee roasting drum

The coffee roasting drum should be made of high-temperature resistant steel because the expansion when heated is less, so the roasting of coffee is more stable.

- Outer cover of the electric coffee roaster and surrounding details

The outer casing of the coffee roaster and the details around the coffee roaster are usually of two types: stainless steel and powder-coated. The temperature generated when roasting is very large, so Inox is for those who want a machine with high durability.

The details of the cover and chimney should be made of stainless steel. As for the parts on the electric coffee roaster that are less exposed to heat, they should be made of powder-coated tolt to make the machine more beautiful and durable.

The details of the machine head and the absolute cooling must be used in stainless steel.

- Burner, Burner for coffee roasting machine

An extremely important part of an electric coffee roaster is the burner. It determines the roasting quality of the roaster.

If the coffee roaster uses gas, the coffee roaster must burn evenly, finely, and green fire, and with absolutely no excess gas when burning, it can easily produce too much co2 gas, making the coffee smoky with poor quality.

Arrange the number of nozzles evenly and enough according to the capacity of the roaster. Roasting time must be in the range of 18 to 25 minutes to roast evenly, beautifully, and deliciously.

- Silon of the coffee roaster

The silon is a tube containing dust and the coffee pods separate when roasting. The heat in the silon of the machine is about 200 degrees. High heat, so it is very easy to burn when encountering coffee pods that accumulate in this.

The silon tube of an electric coffee roaster must be open and wide. Do not make the conical silon tube too small to squeeze the lower part. This makes the coffee easy to stick and causes an explosion.

The coffee roaster silon has a very high heat resistance position. The best silon is made of stainless steel or powder coated for the best durability.

- The cage of the electric coffee roaster

Should choose a heat-resistant steel cage with a minimum thickness of 8mm depending on the capacity of the coffee roaster (should not choose a stainless steel roasting cage that is difficult to control the expansion when roasting coffee).

To ensure evenness when roasting coffee, the mixing wing of the coffee roasting cage must be a 2-layer twisted wing. The roasting cage needs to be evenly rounded, turned flat, and the shaft welding must be concentric.

The coffee roaster operates without rotation, with a small opening to avoid jamming or losing coffee beans when roasting.

- Drum gap adjustment head

The coffee roasting drum gap adjustment head ensures easy operation to adjust the large and small gaps when roasting a variety of coffees.

- Exhaust fan of the coffee roaster drum:

The exhaust fan of the electric coffee roaster drum is an important part of the roaster because it is the part that helps roast delicious coffee, creating flavor and taste. It prevents the coffee from scorching when it is overheated by adjusting the airflow to increase or decrease the temperature and push out impurities.

Therefore, the coffee roaster exhaust fan must have enough capacity and be better controlled by the inverter.

- Electric coffee roaster wind control valve

Must have clear adjustment lines for easy operation when needed.

- Drum motor for a coffee roaster

The roasting drum motor of the machine must have enough power and the rotation speed must match the normal coffee roasting speed of 50 rpm to evenly stir the coffee when roasting.

- Exhaust fan cooling coffee roaster

The cooling fan of the electric coffee roaster must have enough power to quickly cool the coffee in 2 minutes to make the coffee more fragrant and delicious.

- Cooling cools down the coffee roaster

Must be made of stainless steel preferably 304 stainless steel.

The cooling screen surface must be flat to avoid breaking the coffee beans when cooling, the coffee vane must be correct and wipe the coffee out when it is shipped.

- The safety of the coffee roaster when operating

For a gas coffee roaster, a good gas pipeline long enough to place the gas tank with a minimum distance when roasting coffee must have a gas shutoff valve when not in use.

Wires and heat probe wires must be good heat resistant wires to avoid electric leakage when roasting, causing fire and explosion.

- Coffee roaster door

The door of the roaster must be correctly machined with a reasonable gap because this is a very important position when roasting coffee. If the processing is incorrect, it will jam the coffee and blow the smoke.

The lever arm to open the door must be convenient for opening and closing the door when needed, especially when it comes to roasting coffee, it only takes 1 minute to delay the instant coffee.

- Display device, coffee roaster alarm

The temperature display and alarm of the electric coffee roaster when it reaches the main temperature of the coffee are indispensable and accurate devices for roasting standard coffee.

- Coffee roaster case

The roaster shell generates a lot of heat over 200 degrees, so the best case is covered with stainless steel or at least a thick tolt with heat-resistant powder-coated paint.

Learn about electric coffee roaster

5. Notes when choosing to buy a coffee roaster

- Choose a machine with a detailed layout that must be harmonious and eye-catching. Related details must be logical to each other, easy to manipulate, and easy to operate.

- Good or bad coffee is not caused by using a gas machine or by using an electric coffee roaster but by heating technology. What technology makes it easy for roasters to achieve their roasts? Help them achieve the desired ingredients that develop during the roasting process.

- Should choose a roaster with a mid-range aesthetic.

- Electric coffee roaster is also a representative of your coffee brand.

- The quality of coffee beans after roasting must be standard.

6. Notes when using an electric coffee roaster

- Select quality coffee beans for the best roasting coffee batches.

- It is necessary to adjust the temperature during roasting accordingly.

- The roaster must be cleaned after roasting to ensure the life of the machine and the quality of the coffee.

- Start the engine before putting the coffee beans in to avoid choking the engine.

In this article, we have provided you with enough knowledge about electric coffee roasters. Choose a roaster that best suits your needs.