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The company provides industrial coffee roasting machine

Currently, the demand for industrial coffee roasters is growing. Because of this, many types of coffee roasters with diverse capacities were born one after another. The article will help you easily choose the right industrial roasting machine for your needs.

1. Construction of industrial coffee roaster

Industrial coffee roasters are not the same as mini roasters used for small coffee shops. They are researched, designed, and used for medium and large production facilities for large companies that want to roast coffee on an industrial scale with a large capacity. The industrial coffee roaster has the following basic components:

- Applying advanced hot air roasting technology

- The roasting drum is designed with metal materials (stainless steel or stainless steel) for long-lasting use over time

- The hopper receives unroasted or roasted coffee material

- Machine body

- Heat fan

- Fuel oil

- Fan design cools coffee beans quickly

- Machine body

- Control electrical cabinets

- Burners

- Dust removal system and other components

The company provides industrial coffee roasting machine

2. Advantages of industrial coffee roasters

Using a coffee roaster will help shop owners save a lot of money and especially improve the quality of coffee at their shop. Currently, industrial coffee roasters have many types such as 20kg, 30kg, 60kg, and 120kg. Therefore, you should choose for your production facility a coffee roasting machine suitable for production scale.

This coffee roaster has the advantage of roasting a large amount of coffee per batch at large coffee shops, production facilities, and companies. Using an industrial roaster will help save fuel, improve productivity and save costs in production, helping to increase business profits.

Moreover, this type of coffee roaster is also designed with an aligned barista to help the coffee beans ripen evenly and retain their flavor.

Outstanding features of industrial coffee roasters

- Show coffee bean temperature

- Display of hot air temperature in the roasting cage

- Adjust the coffee bean temperature

- Stepless heat capacity adjustment.

- Adjust the air intake volume.

- Adjust the drum rotation speed.

- Show roasting time

- Draw the roast graph.

The company provides industrial coffee roasting machine

3. Commonly used industrial coffee roasters

- Coffee roaster 10 kg

Specifications of the 10kg coffee roaster with machine capacity also increased from 30kg/hour. In addition, the height, length, width, and weight of the product are also increased to ensure the coffee roasting process of the user. The 10kg machine capacity is chosen by many people when it can ensure the amount of roasted coffee for business needs every day.

- Coffee roaster 20 kg

The double capacity of a 10kg coffee roaster. Not only that, but the machine capacity is also superior, reaching 60kg/hour. Products are larger to meet the needs of consumers. With a weight of up to 550kg, the 20kg machine is also quite bulky, widely used for large coffee shops as well as small processing coffee roasters. Each batch of a roasting machine will take 18-22 minutes, optimizing the roasting speed for the user.

- 30 kg coffee roaster

This is a large coffee roaster belonging to a group of industrial roasting machines, with a machine capable of up to 90kg/hour. Usually, the product is used a lot for coffee production enterprises, coffee production, and processing establishments, coffee roasting factories, etc., which need to roast a large volume of coffee per batch. Still, with a roasting time of 20-25 minutes, the large roasting volume per batch helps the producer to optimize the effective roasting speed.

- 60 kg coffee roaster

Currently, this type of coffee roasting machine is relatively popular because it meets the needs of providing a large number of customers. The product is large and has a high operating capacity. Meanwhile, the fuel used and roasting time per batch are not too different from smaller roasters, and the volume of roasted coffee is larger, helping manufacturers to reduce production costs. coffee production and processing.

The 60kg coffee roaster is currently very popular with coffee roasters, large coffee production, processing, and distribution factories on the market today.

- 120 kg coffee roaster

This coffee roaster has an operating capacity of up to 360-600kg/hour. A batch of roasting takes 12-20 minutes. This is a type of industrial product mainly used to produce coffee and supply it in bulk and regularly.

The 120 kg coffee roaster is not very popular on the market because it is only used in very large roasting plants, and usually the roaster at this capacity must be ordered separately from the manufacturer if the business wants to own it.

Above are the specifications of the most popular industrial coffee roasters used in production today. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose to buy a roasting machine that is suitable for the purpose as well as the business model. Please contact Vinaroaster immediately to buy quality products at the right price.