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Advantages of gas coffee roasters compared to other machines

The coffee market is very active, so the demand for coffee roasting machines has also increased to meet the needs of this potential coffee business. In particular, the gas coffee roaster is a product that many customers are interested in. So what are its advantages and disadvantages? Find out with Vinaroaster in the article below.

1. Criteria for choosing the best coffee roaster

1.1. Coffee after roasting must not be scorched

Burnt roasted coffee beans not only have a bad appearance, but the coffee taste is also unstable. At the scorching points, most of the coffee has partially or completely converted to coal. Therefore, when drinking, it will have a burning taste. Coffee after brewing will not be able to taste delicious and fragrant.

1.2. The uniformity of the quality of coffee beans after roasting

The uniformity of coffee beans after roasting is mainly determined by the source of the coffee. This depends greatly on how the coffee has been picked and processed. If the percentage of young green seeds is high and mixed with ripe fruit (common case for dry processed Robusta coffee), hydrated beans due to drying equipment, etc., no matter how good the roaster is, it is still difficult to get it. get a batch of roasting of the same color.

However, there are still substandard industrial coffee roasters that can affect the roast. Those are machines with unstable hot air flow inside the drum cage. When this stream of hot air is unstable, particles exposed to different temperatures will cause an imbalance. Since then, the quality of coffee after roasting is not uniform.

In addition, the coffee island system does not complete the task of rotating alternate positions, which can also cause uneven coffee.

No matter how well the coffee is picked and processed, when equipped with these defects encountered, the coffee will still have a ripening or uneven color. Of course, once the coffee has an uneven color, it is difficult to achieve optimal quality.

1.3. Saving energy during roasting

With gas coffee roasters, fuel costs need to be considered because gas accounts for a large proportion of the price of coffee. In the case of buying coffee roasters using outdated combustion technology, it will cost a lot more for fuel during use.

1.4. Coffee roaster price

Of course, when buying, price is a factor to consider carefully. But this is not the most important part. Sometimes we need to clarify why one machine is more expensive than another by several million or several tens of millions. Could it be because the machine is more energy efficient, and safer? Or better quality roasted coffee? Or maybe it's because the machine runs more stably and has a longer lifespan?

You should consider all factors, not just how to buy the cheapest coffee roaster. Let's learn carefully about the types of coffee roasting machines and the principles of coffee roasting machines. From there you can decide with your productivity and output, what equipment you need.

If you want to buy a cheap machine with good quality, try to refer to the mini coffee roaster or manual coffee roaster. These machines are not capable of industrial machines but are suitable for small-scale facilities.

Advantages of gas coffee roasters compared to other machines

2. Should you choose a gas coffee roaster?

On the market, there are two popular types of industrial coffee roasters. There are electric and gas machines. Some people say that electric roasters are better than gas and vice versa. So which is correct?

2.1 Advantages of gas coffee roasters

In the current coffee roaster market, most manufacturers are using gas heating systems. Electric heating systems are still used but are more limited and are often used for small-capacity coffee roasters.

So what are the advantages for manufacturers of roasting machines (especially industrial coffee roasters) to use such gas-fired coffee roasters?

The fact that coffee is good or bad is not due to the use of gas or electricity, but what is important is the heating technology that will help the roaster easily achieve the desired composition in the development of the roast. And during this roasting process, the roaster will need to constantly adjust the temperature. The purpose of such continuous adjustment is to develop or prolong a certain process in the roast.

Therefore, the adjustment of heat needs to be extremely flexible at the discretion of the roaster. In terms of thermodynamics, the rate of decrease - increase the temperature of the resistor will be worse than that of gas. It is because of this inflexibility that professional roasters still prefer to choose gas coffee roasters instead of electric coffee roasters.

2.2 Disadvantages of gas coffee roasters

A major drawback of gas coffee roasters is the high risk of fire and explosion if not careful. With good adjustability, the machine is also more difficult to operate than an electric machine. And especially the machine is restricted to use in apartment buildings or residential areas.

In addition, the electric coffee roaster has a low price, limiting the risk of fire and explosion. However, its disadvantage is that it is difficult to adjust the heat, so it will not be suitable for intensive roasting. Maintenance costs are also higher as resistance problems are also common.

Advantages of gas coffee roasters compared to other machines

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Thus, Vinaroaster has learned with you briefly information about coffee roasting machines. For a more in-depth understanding, please contact us for a consultation. Hopefully, now you can begin to understand what factors you need to consider when choosing a coffee roaster.