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UG Style Double Drum Coffee Roaster

UG Style Double Drum Coffee Roaster

UG Style Double Drum Coffee Roaster

UG Style Double Drum Coffee Roaster 30kg

New version UG 2022

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UG Style Double Drum Coffee Roaster 30kg


Vina Roaster's UG Style Double Drum 30KG coffee roaster has just enough capacity for small coffee shops, giving it a competitive edge.


Capacity: 30kg/batch

Power capacity: 7kw, 380V

Timer: 18- 25 minutes

Batch(min/max): 90kg ~ 120kg/hour

Artisan: Yes

Size (Wx D x H): 3000 x 2500 x 3000

Weight: 1750kg


The advantages of the 30kg UG Series coffee roaster for coffee shops

30kg is an easy-to-use roasting machine capacity, suitable for many customers on the market today. UG Series 30kg coffee roasting machine is the top selling machine at Vina Roaster chosen by many customers:

- The 30kg UG Series roaster capacity is the best choice for small coffee shops: with each roasting batch lasting only about 15-20 minutes, we can continuously roast 90-120kg of coffee within an hour. . With this capacity, the 30kg UG Series coffee roaster is just enough for small and medium-sized cafes that have enough coffee to serve customers continuously.

- Cheap and affordable coffee roasting machine for beginners: usually, most of the coffee shops just starting their business choose the 30kg UG Series coffee roaster, because the cost of this machine is zero. too high, but besides, the operating efficiency is also very suitable when starting a coffee shop business.

- Optimizing the operation efficiency of the shop: with a moderate capacity, the machine can meet the demand from low to high as the development cycle of each coffee shop. At the first time, we can roast a batch and use it for a few days, when the restaurant starts to grow more crowded, we can roast every day or roast a few batches a day depending on how crowded it is. With a capacity of 30kg UG Series, it is quite good for small and medium-sized shops, saving costs and roasting time, as well as ensuring that the roasted coffee is always fresh.

- Increase competitive advantage for the shop: small-scale coffee shops often do not focus on investing in coffee quality, often using ready-to-roast coffee to sell to customers. Therefore, if your cafe has a small scale but invests in a coffee roaster, it will certainly have a competitive advantage compared to other shops of the same size.




1) Air-cushioned roasting drum.

2) The gas burning system specially designed for coffee roasting controls the production of flavor, sourness, bitterness and aftertaste for coffee beans during roasting.

+ Controlling the amount of gas generated in the roasting process: NOx, COx, ... minimal gas.

UG Style Double Drum Coffee Roaster 30kg