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Industrial Coffee Roasters

Industrial Coffee Roasters

Industrial Coffee Roasters

Brotek Hot Air Double Drum Coffee Roaster 60kg


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Brotek Hot Air Double Drum Coffee Roaster 60kg


High-tech 60kg hot air coffee roaster, suitable for large-scale professional roasting plants.

Model: BRO 60KG

Capacity: 60kg/batch

Power capacity: 8kw, 380V

Timer: 18- 25 minutes

Batch(min/max): 180kg ~ 240kg/hour

Artisan: Yes

Size (Wx D x H): 4000 x 3800 x 4000

Weight: 3000kg


Learn about the structure of 60kg hot air coffee roaster machine

The 60kg hot air coffee roaster is considered an improvement in coffee roasting techniques to perfectly meet all the needs of today's customers. Thanks to the application of advanced and modern technology, this new generation of coffee roasters has brought outstanding features that are capable of completely replacing the previous traditional roasting method, specifically:

Hot air recovery technology: With the usual hot air roasting technique, the hot air in the roasting cage after being used to ripen and mix the coffee beans, is then processed through cylone to collect the silk shells. , finally out the chimney. In contrast to the air return coffee roaster, this hot air will be reused as its name implies.

Burner is located with the roasting cage: the hot air coffee roaster uses a burner located in the same roasting cage, so the risk of burning outside the shell as well as coal dust after roasting and smoke pollution is completely low. .

What do customers get when using a 60kg air return coffee roaster?

Time-saving: 60kg hot air coffee roaster must be an effective time-saving solution for businesses. Instead of spending a whole day roasting a large amount of coffee, with this product you only need to spend 15-20 minutes to roast 60kg/batch thanks to its maximum capacity from 120-160kg/hr.

Energy saving: it only takes 2kw/hr, which is good news for processing businesses and coffee shop owners, isn't it. With low energy consumption, it has clearly helped investors save a significant amount of money, thereby improving profits.

Safety: Using an automatic control valve and a system to prevent heat from escaping, this coffee roaster is also a safe solution for everyone, avoiding unfortunate risks that may occur during the roasting process. .

Environmentally friendly: Thanks to the application of sensor technology to detect temperature sensors and the mechanism to reuse hot air out, the 60kg hot air coffee roaster also offers safety and eco-friendly features. environment.

Notes when buying a 60kg hot air coffee roaster

To ensure quality as well as price when buying a 60kg hot air coffee roaster, a note for you to choose a reputable product supplier. Vina Roaster is the reliable destination that we recommend for you.

Be a wise buyer, an investor with a long-term development strategy. Vina Roaster will be a reputable and quality guide for you on the way to success.




1) Air-cushioned roasting drum.

2) The gas burning system specially designed for coffee roasting controls the production of flavor, sourness, bitterness and aftertaste for coffee beans during roasting.

+ Controlling the amount of gas generated in the roasting process: NOx, COx, ... minimal gas.

Brotek Hot Air Double Drum Coffee Roaster 60kg

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