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Brotek Double Drum Coffee Roaster

Brotek Double Drum Coffee Roaster

Brotek Double Drum Coffee Roaster

Brotek Double Drum Coffee Roaster 6kg


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Brotek Double Drum Coffee Roaster 6kg


Vina Roaster's Brotek Double Drum 6KG coffee roaster with just enough capacity for small coffee shops, helps the shop have a competitive advantage

Model: BRO 06KG

Capacity: 06kg/batch

Power capacity: 1.67kw, 220V

Timer: 12- 20 minutes

Batch(min/max): 18kg ~ 24kg/hour

Artisan: Yes

Size (Wx D x H): 2200 x 1600 x 2500

Weight: 560kg


Why should you choose Vina Roaster's 6kg coffee roaster?

- Durable quality: durable machine quality helps you save time and costs for minor damage during your use (electricity costs, labor costs, maintenance - warranty, repair) ,...)

- Reasonable price: Vina Roaster's 6kg coffee roaster has high quality but reasonable price, which is a good "affordable" choice for a wide range of customers, from "startups" to entrepreneurs. The unit has been in operation for many years.

- Guide to transferring roasting technology: Vina Roaster sells coffee roasting machines and transfers, guides roasting technology for free to customers, supports customers who have not had coffee roasting experience, helps customers have can quickly catch up on how to roast delicious coffee for their business needs.

- Warranty, on-site maintenance: Vina Roaster not only installs coffee roasting machines on site, but also supports warranty and maintenance in customers' local areas, helping customers to use the machine more safely and without worry. take a long time for transportation to repair when problems occur.




1) Air-cushioned roasting drum.

2) The gas burning system specially designed for coffee roasting controls the production of flavor, sourness, bitterness and aftertaste for coffee beans during roasting.

+ Controlling the amount of gas generated in the roasting process: NOx, COx, ... minimal gas.

Brotek Double Drum Coffee Roaster 6kg

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