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Brotek Double Drum Coffee Roaster

Brotek Double Drum Coffee Roaster

Brotek Double Drum Coffee Roaster

Brotek Double Drum Coffee Roaster 12kg


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Branding: VinaRoaster

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Brotek Double Drum Coffee Roaster 12kg


Vina Roaster's Brotek Drouble Drum 12kg coffee roaster with low price is suitable for large coffee shops with a capacity of up to 30kg/hour.

Model: BRO 12KG

Capacity: 12kg/batch

Power capacity: 3kw, 220V

Timer: 12- 20 minutes

Batch(min/max): 36kg ~ 48kg/hour

Artisan: Yes

Size (Wx D x H): 2400 x 1700 x 2700

Weight: 700kg


Outstanding features of Vina Roaster 12kg coffee roaster

Vina Roaster's 12kg coffee roasting machine is manufactured on modern technological lines with the use of equipment such as motors, burners, wires, etc. belonging to top famous brands that have brought to the market the business. Coffee shop business is now a preeminent product with extremely outstanding features, specifically:

- Exquisite and neat design: The 12kg Vina Roaster coffee roaster is designed to be extremely delicate and neat, both ensuring aesthetic elements for your coffee shop business model, and helping you to use it. Use the device easily for optimal results.

- Solid and durable body: Thanks to being made of tempered steel material, the body is extremely solid and durable, promising to be a companion product that meets the two necessary criteria: safety and security. long lifespan.

- Large capacity: Operated with a large capacity, this product helps today's large coffee shops to roast a large amount of coffee per day for their business quickly and conveniently. profit.

- Maximum energy saving: Thanks to the application of modern equipment, Vina Roaster's coffee roaster has the ability to save a lot of energy consumption, helping you to reduce a cost in the process. use.

- Easy to use, high safety: Thanks to the installation of sensors and temperature control system, users can control and operate extremely easily, and ensure safety during use.

- Safe, environmentally friendly: Using a temperature sensor located in the exhaust pipe and the drum is capable of limiting heat and exhaust gas escaping, without polluting the environment. At the same time, the operating noise level is below 80db, so it does not cause discomfort during use.

- Easy to monitor status when roasting: You will no longer have to worry about burnt or scorched coffee when you choose Vina Roaster's coffee roaster because this product can let you easily monitor roasting state.

- Especially keep the pure taste of coffee after roasting.




1) Air-cushioned roasting drum.

2) The gas burning system specially designed for coffee roasting controls the production of flavor, sourness, bitterness and aftertaste for coffee beans during roasting.

+ Controlling the amount of gas generated in the roasting process: NOx, COx, ... minimal gas.

Brotek Double Drum Coffee Roaster 12kg

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